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02 February, 2010


End of January 2010, I went to Taman mini Malaysia. Yeah.. finally… It’s a time for me to explore my own heritage and culture… whereby it’s turned me 180 degree or 360 degree away from “my nature” ; forest and cave ahaks….
This is my 1st time I step into the place. This park is recommended for those who want to know more of the Malays traditional house architecture. Besides, it’s a good place to educate kids of our heritage and tourists too….. ~sedar asal usul sket hehehe
Taman Mini Malaysia cultural park is located a few kilometres outside of Melaka, near the town of Ayer Keroh. . Each of the homes represents the architectural style of the 13 states in Malaysia and is furnished with various items, arts and crafts which depict the culture of each state.
Inside each house, you can find a range of genuine handicrafts originating from each state or county. The life-like figures 'inhabiting' each charming home on stilts are garbed in their respective traditional costumes. Forgot to mention, it is huge park and require you to walk a lot.. therefore , be prepared with a bottle of water… ~dahaga tak ingat pasal tak bwk air huhuhu

The entrance fee is RM12 for adults (mahalnyee…hehehe) for adults and RM6 (rasa2 nye la…) for children.~ jgn ingat masuk free plak...haha..Oh ya… Other attractions in the park include weekly cultural shows and traditional games. Basically, this is an opportunity to see all Malaysian architecture and heritage in a short all-encompassing outing. And it's a nice break from the hustle and bustle of nearby urban Melaka. Unfornately , I was there in a wrong timing… huhuu the morning session is at 11 a.m and the afternoon session is about 2.30 p.m (see pic).. if you wanna watch that, be there at a right time ok…so, I can’t make any comment whether it is attracting or not….

There are actually 2 section of the park namely Malaysian traditional house and ASEAN houses. But, when I was in ASEAN park, the houses was not properly maintained and looks so creepy… huahua… luckily, it was a daytime not at night hahahaha…. So guys, the next time you happen to pass by Ayer Keroh , make sure you visit TAMAN MINI MALAYSIA….

mesti korg nak tau apa benda ni kan.... ni lah dia peti musik heheh

you all wanna know why i took this pic??? see on the left side... got fire distinguisher beb....

rumah ni aku tak sure rumah negara mana.... maybe vietnam.... ~ belasah je
This is singapore's house.. when you come nearer... its look so creepy. ~macam rumah hantu je...

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