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12 February, 2010

M.E.L.A.K.A @ Malacca

Welcome to Muzium Samudera... For the intro, lets me tell you the history behind this biiigggg ship... well, i've got this info from the pic... hahaha ~ kalo nak baca kat situ masakla.. sampai esok pon tak habis, so snap je then baru baca....heheehe....

This ship is a model of Portuguese Nau also known as Flor De La Mar. During its time, the Nau served as a vessel for trading and warfare. The size and lading varied in accordance to need during the 16th and 17th centuries. This type of ship used triangular or rectangular sails. The ship is structurally wood. This museum measures 110 feet long and 22 feet wide. In addition its interior has been modified to suits its purpose.

The construction of Museum Samudera was initiated in February 1992 and completed in October 1993. It was open officially by his Honourable, the Former Perdana Menteri of Malaysia, Tun Mahathir Mohamadon June 13, 1994. this museum features the maritime history of Melaka throughout four eras, which are the Prosperous Era of the Melaka Malay Sultanate (1400-1511), the Portuguese Era (1511-1641), the Dutch Era (1641-1795) and the British Era (1824-1957) up to the independence of Malaya in 1957.

The main focus of the museum includes Melaka’s maritime history and its glory. It also includes spices, diorama, audio, visual, early maps, ship’s model and artifacts relating to Melaka Maritime.

This museum serves to remind us that with the lost of power, all else is lost.
~ amacam ada paham ka?? tarak paham... kasi paham jugak... dah macam cikgu sejarah aku punya cerita... oh no.. subject sejarah la aku paling aku suka ngantuk... hehe
oh ya.. don't forget to pay RM3 for the entrance fee.. ~jgn main masuk je... even the counter girl will remind u to "shoes off" when u r inside the ship... dun worry they will provide you a plastic bag. dunno whether the plastic is environmental bag or not... not good.. not good...hahahaha ~lepas turun buang je plastik tu....ahaks...membazir....

ok...Let’s get on board..!!!

Alfonso D'Albuquerque's carrack, Flor De La Mar (Flower Of The Sea).

from the ship, u can see the "Eye on Malaysia"...

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